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Why is doping forbidden?

By Sarah Pranadjaja

Doping is a huge controversial topic in professional sports. Performance-enhancing drugs, typically stimulants and hormones, are often used by professional athletes to increase agility, strength and energy. If these drugs are being taken in order to better athletic performance, why are they considered illegal substances? Continue reading Why is doping forbidden?

To or not to make a big deal about periods

By Teodora Agarici

In the first day it feels like a lorry ploughed into my stomach, plus some migraines here and there. In the second day, it is like – for Stephen King’s fans – Carrie at the prom, and thinking the end of the world has come. Third day is quite okay – paracetamol has finally done its job. Yet, it might be one of those months when I’m overly confident and I think I’m done faster than usual and I forget my sanitary pad, so I have to perform my walk of shame and ask for one, in a discreet manner. In case there was no one to teach you, it’s a “girl thing” and it is supposed to be “secret”.  Continue reading To or not to make a big deal about periods