About us

Female fuel is about each of us. It is about confidence, courage, and passion. We write about women who love what they are doing and the troubles they go through to keep their dreams alive. We bring original content, news, exclusive interviews and helpful nutrition tips. Female Fuel’s diveres team come from various backgrounds with an endless range of interest.

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Teodora Agarici – Editor-in-chief

I could call myself an athlete. I always run in high heels, so if that doesn’t prove I am awesome, I don’t know what else does. Once, I even got involved in the Color Run – “The happiest 5km colour fun run” – as an organiser, not as a runner. Yet, here I am, writing about sports and telling the world how badass women are while sipping from my cup of coffee.

Earyel Bowleg – Production Manager

No that isn’t a typo error. My name is spelt like that and pronounced like the mermaid. What is so ironic was that I used to be a competitive swimmer. So, my mermaid power came in handy. I’m a Bahama Mama who loves makeup and thinks pizza is life. I also love travelling as I have lived and worked in five different countries – Canada, USA, Mexico, The Bahamas, and the United Kingdom.

Sarah Pranadjaja – Subbing Editor

Hi, I’m Sarah Pranadjaja! I’m an American student from Los Angeles who is studying in London for the Spring term. Although I’m not particularly good at sports, I’m all about empowering women. I’m obsessed with all things fashion and beauty, and I hope to work in those industries after graduation. When I’m not blogging or making videos, I’m probably sleeping, cooking or daydreaming about owning a corgi.

Duha Ali – Art and Design Director

A Qatari enthusiast, who drinks an unhealthy amount of coffee and loves writing. Photography and digital art are a side hobby of mine. You’ll mostly find me in the gym trying to burn off extra calories I gained from the night before. I prefer stairs to escalators and cycling to cars. Travelling the world and going on crazy adventures is my ultimate goal. 

Muhammad Hamid – Quality control: Proofreading

Nice to meet you too! I am what you would call a typical lad who likes to travel and loves to experience stuff first hand. Ball is life and that goes for any sport which requires a ball. Video games are a holiday thing. My passion is history and I love to talk about it. I live in between Qatar and London and would consider myself a multicultural melting pot.