Are you sure you want to make your kid an athlete?

By Teodora Agarici

There is no doubt sport has a tremendous impact not only on people’s health but also as a way to boost self-esteem, cut down the stress and pressure, as well as discover new passions or learn to work in a team.

Once you start playing a sport and realise you might be good enough at it in order to give it a chance at a professional level, there are some things that might stop you ‘living the dream’ despite how talented and motivated you are. Yes, I’m talking about money – money for training, equipment, possible trips, accommodation etc.

According to Karl Erickson, faculty member at the Institute for the Study of Youth Sports at Michigan State University, parents are the one who have to sacrifice for the child’s sake: “It’s a parent’s money on the table a lot of the time. It’s definitely a piece of the puzzle we need to understand. We need to look at why parents are making these decisions in the first place. They don’t want to be seen in the community as limiting their kid.”

Female Fuel talked to Amedea Nigro and Rosa Yates, two professional sport players, about the motivation to continue playing sports despite the difficulties met in the way:


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